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Meet Our Team

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Daniel Judge, DC, DCCJP
Clinic Director

dr_judgeDynamic Life Chiropractic was founded with the mission of teaching our patients how to build and maintain health, and in the process feel better than they ever have before!

After completing his undergraduate at University of Detroit Mercy and graduate school at Logan College of Chiropractic he had the opportunity to work with author and Upper Cervical Chiropractor Dr. Michael Lenarz in Mount Vernon, WA. While working with Dr. Lenarz, Dr. Judge’s wife had their first daughter and they decided it was time to return home to Michigan and the Detroit area.  Dr. Judge grew up in Ferndale and his wife grew up in Berkley and they now have three children.

Like many other chiropractors, he became a doctor of chiropractic because of the transformative effect it had on his own life. Even more powerful than his initial experience with chiropractic was the experience that led him to practice Upper Cervical care. During his last year of chiropractic school he began to have frightening and debilitating vision problems in his left eye.  He went to an optometrist, opthamologist, retinal specialist, then a neurologist. He had a MRI, nerve conduction test, and many other procedures. The final diagnosis was “All the tests were negative, but the symptoms fit with the onset of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).”

Throughout chiropractic school he had been receiving traditional chiropractic treatments but never the special type of care known as Upper Cervical Chiropractic. He sought out an Upper Cervical Specialist who confirmed that, indeed, his neck was injured and misaligned. After the first correction, his vision began to improve! Within three months, his vision had been restored to normal. Fortunately, the looming diagnosis of MS was incorrect and the debilitating problem was the result of a severe misalignment of his neck.

Dr. Daniel JudgeFrom that point on, his purpose was clear: to give other people the same opportunity to be happy and healthy that he had been given. Spread the message about the importance of head and neck alignment for the full expression of human health, helping people in our community have full and dynamic lives!

Dr. Judge became one of the first 20 doctors in the country to complete an additional 300 hour degree program, specializing in an advanced understanding of complex head and neck problems.  In 2015 he earned a Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP).

Austin Webster, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic


Dr. Austin Webster is originally from Michigan and grew up in the city of Howell. He received an undergraduate degree in kinesiology from Michigan State University before moving to Davenport, Iowa to earn his degree in chiropractic from Palmer College. While there he was involved in many different organizations, serving on 3 executive boards at both the local and national levels. He pursued extra studies in the research field as well as the Blair technique.

Sherry Gaines
Licensed Massage Therapist

As a Licensed Massage Therapist Sherry offers relaxation, Swedish and deep tissue
massage. Sherry is passionate about therapeutic massage; she strives to continue learning and growing in the field and aims to incorporate this knowledge and passion into each session. Sherry listens closely to the client and tailors the session to their specific needs. She has taken many elective courses with concentration in cranial sacral therapy, Thai massage, reflexology, and range of motion techniques. She feels that massage therapy is beneficial to any population and she enjoys working with a variety of clients presenting with unique concerns.

Sherry has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography and worked in the medical field for a number of years photographing the retina for diagnostic purposes. Sherry also spent time pursuing her passion for photography by creating conceptual artwork that has been exhibited throughout the metro area. She began a Masters in Social Work and spent time volunteering and working with different populations. Sherry took time off from working outside of the home to become a mother of a beautiful boy and has been a stay-at-home mom for 8 years. She then decided to go to Irene’s Myomassology Institute to pursue a career in massage therapy. She likes working with people and decided to go into massage therapy to help people heal and relax from the stresses of everyday life. Sherry completed her training at Irene’s in Southfield in June of 2017 and has been avidly practicing massage therapy ever since.

Sherry loves art, hiking, paddle boarding and spending time near water. She enjoys time with her son and loves to travel and explore new places. Massage therapy is an integral part of Sherry’s path of growth and helping others heal. She feels that massage therapy is vital to a holistic lifestyle and is grateful for the opportunity to help others on their path to health.