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Chiropractic, quality of life, and overall health in Birmingham, MI

/Chiropractic, quality of life, and overall health in Birmingham, MI

Chiropractic, quality of life, and overall health in Birmingham, MI

Chiropractors are trained and taught to work with conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system; That is, nerves, muscles, bones and their relationship to each other and the body as a whole. This profession tends to stand out to the average person as the “back-crackers” of the health community. The reality is, however, that the effects of a chiropractic adjustment influences the body in a systemic way.

The central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and spinal cord. The CNS coordinates all actions and reactions of the body, both conscious and unconscious and is commonly referred to as the master control center of the body. The spinal cord travels from the base of your brain and down your body through the 24 bones that make up the spine known as vertebrae. Nerves branch off from the spinal cord, exciting through holes in the sides of vertebrae, traveling and connecting to all the organs, tissues, and cells of the body to communicate and coordinate action, adaptation and life.

Whether it is from a major accident or injury, or just the wear and tear of daily living, these vertebrae can become malpositioned and misaligned. When out of proper alignment, vertebrae can put tension on, and interfere with communications by, the nerves that exit from them. This condition, a physical misalignment and the nerve interference accompanied by it, is known by Chiropractors as a subluxation.

The nerve pressure of a subluxation disrupts the blood flow in and around a nerve as well as alters its communication to the organ, tissue, or cell that it connects to, disrupting proper function to that area of the body.

“Vertebral subluxations change the entire health of the body by causing structural dysfunction of the spine and nerve interference. The weight of a dime on a spinal nerve will reduce nerve transmission by as much as 60%.”1

Chang Ha Suh, PhD.

This makes it clear that getting your spine checked by a chiropractor is not just about spine health or a sore neck or back. Getting checked by a chiropractor is about making sure your body is communicating, adapting, and functioning at its absolute best to allow you to live, heal and feel your best.

“The quality of healing is directly proportional to the function and capability of the central nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.”2

Janson Edwards, M.D. PhD

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