Meniere’s Disease, Meniere’s, Headache, Headaches, Vertigo, Dizziness, Dizzy, Spinning Meniere’s disease is an inner ear problem that makes patients feel like they are spinning (called vertigo) and affects their hearing. It is quite disabling causing a person to not be able to complete the most basics parts of a daily routine. An attack of Meniere’s can be brought about by being overly tired, having too much emotional stress, eating too much salt, changes in air pressure, or a recent illness. If a person recognizes what may trigger his Meniere’s, it would be good to do all he can to avoid these things. Lifestyle changes may be in order to help control the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Is there any other help available for those suffering from this condition?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Upper cervical chiropractors appreciate how important it is for a person’s spine to remain healthy. We know that a healthy, properly aligned spine leads to a healthier, happier person. The job of the spine is to provide protection for the spinal cord. This is important because the spinal cord relays vital messages to and from the brain and body. If these messages become distorted due to a misalignment of the top bone of the upper neck, called the atlas, such things as vertigo, a feeling of fullness, and other symptoms of Meniere’s can occur.

In a case study performed by Dr. Burcon, 139 patients with Meniere’s disease received treatment by an upper cervical chiropractor. 136 of them reported a decrease in their symptoms, particularly vertigo and nausea. They were able to resume normal daily routines again.

Here, at Dynamic Life Chiropractic in Birmingham, Michigan, we use the Blair technique. This is a specific chiropractic procedure that helps us to correct any misalignments that may be present in the upper neck. It is a gentle, non-invasive method that reduces any undue pressure that is being put on the spinal cord. When this is corrected, the brainstem is able to function normally and send the proper signals to the brain and body leading to a reduction of Meniere’s symptoms in many of our patients.

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