scoliosis, back pain, back ache, spine curve, The spine has a natural curve in profile, but when looked at from the front or back, the spine should be straight. Any kind of curve here is referred to as scoliosis. Children are examined for this condition at school, and this is when many cases are caught. However, many other cases go undiagnosed.

When it comes to scoliosis, there earlier the diagnosis the better the prognosis. When a slight curve is detected early, treatment may be able to completely realign the spine. This is often impossible when a severe curvature is treated later in life.

Scoliosis can affect everything from a person’s ability to carry out day to day activities to their self-image. The result at school can be bullying due to the deformity. Later in life, health conditions can develop such as breathing problems, disc degeneration, osteoporosis, reproductive issues, and more.

Traditional Approaches

Traditional medicine usually provides several options, none of them very good. One method is to wear a trunk brace for the majority of the day. Another is invasive surgery that can be very dangerous. These methods attack the symptom of a curved spine rather than trying to alleviate the underlying problem causing the curvature.

Treating Scoliosis Naturally in Birmingham, Michigan

Extensive research performed by Dr. Gutmann and Dr. Biedermann have shown the connection between scoliosis and upper cervical subluxation. Dr. Gutmann’s research was published all the way back in 1987. Even then it was known that a C1 or C2 vertebra misalignment could result in scoliosis and a host of other health problems in children, like ear infections and colic.

Dr. Biedermann’s studies were published in 1992. Similarly, this study revealed the effects of upper cervical misalignments in children and even infants. Most commonly, these misalignments were the result of birth trauma.

Modern research reveals that about 2.5% of the population suffers from a curvature of 10 degrees or more. However, a mere 7-degree curvature of the spine can still have effects on a person’s well-being later in life. In fact, researchers have found individuals over the age of 60 who never knew they had a scoliosis of 10 degrees or more.

Scoliosis is often caused by the head becoming imbalanced at the top of the neck. When such an imbalance occurs in youth, a growth spurt can exacerbate the problem and cause scoliosis to set in much faster. The result can be different leg lengths, hip imbalance, lower back problems, and more.

The best solution is to attack scoliosis before it can get worse. Because of this, we encourage parents to have their children screened by an upper cervical chiropractor. This can determine if a C1 or C2 misalignment exists. Checking for an upper cervical misalignment can allow you to begin treatment before scoliosis gets bad enough for a doctor to notice it at school. Again, timing is key in successful scoliosis treatment.

Upper cervical chiropractic offers a gentle and non-invasive means of counteracting scoliosis. If the condition is caught early, it may be fully reversible. If caught later on, benefits can still be derived from realigning the upper neck.  Take positive action now by contacting Dr. Daniel Judge of Birmingham, Michigan.


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