Neck Ache

Birmingham, MI Residents Have Access to Natural Neck Pain Relief

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of neck pain at one time or another. Although it is rarely very serious, it is certainly annoying. The simplest tasks, such as backing up a car or moving the head from side to side, can become painful. It is estimated that 15% of those in the United States [...]

The Aftereffects of Whiplash

A person may leave a car accident with little or no symptoms of whiplash or other damage. However, it is important to understand why and how whiplash happens. It is also vital to know what can occur if whiplash goes untreated. The term whiplash has to do with the way the neck and head move [...]

Examining the Options for Neck Pain

Neck pain is not easy to cope with. A diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis, thyroid issues, or narrowing of the blood vessels can lead to possible neck surgery. The neck is one of the most fragile parts of the body, more so than the knee or shoulder. That means that neck surgery comes with higher risks [...]