Neck Pain

Birmingham, MI Residents Have Access to Natural Neck Pain Relief

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of neck pain at one time or another. Although it is rarely very serious, it is certainly annoying. The simplest tasks, such as backing up a car or moving the head from side to side, can become painful. It is estimated that 15% of those in the United States [...]

The Aftereffects of Whiplash

A person may leave a car accident with little or no symptoms of whiplash or other damage. However, it is important to understand why and how whiplash happens. It is also vital to know what can occur if whiplash goes untreated. The term whiplash has to do with the way the neck and head move [...]

Examining the Options for Neck Pain

Neck pain is not easy to cope with. A diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis, thyroid issues, or narrowing of the blood vessels can lead to possible neck surgery. The neck is one of the most fragile parts of the body, more so than the knee or shoulder. That means that neck surgery comes with higher risks [...]

Why Recovering from Whiplash Requires Assistance

Whiplash happens due to damage that was done to the muscles and tendons causing the neck to be strained. This does not only happen when one is in a major car accident. The fact is that it can occur at speeds as low as five miles per hour. A person can go that fast on [...]

Whiplash – Help for Sufferers in Birmingham MI

Many people equate whiplash with serious car accidents - and while 2 million people in the US suffer whiplash following an auto incident every year, there are many other less serious incidents that can also cause major neck injuries. In fact, a person can suffer whiplash in low-speed impacts. For example, in a car being [...]

Spinal Research and Whiplash Implications

Recent study of the spine and how whiplash affects it has been ongoing. Findings are leading to updated information and allow physicians to be better equipped to handle whiplash cases more effectively. Much of this new information has only been uncovered over the past 25 years. We feel that what has been discovered may help [...]

Whiplash Damages More Than the Body

Whiplash can be very hard on the body. If the injury is left untreated, it can result in long-term effects not only physically but also psychologically acheter viagra en ligne. It is much more complicated that dealing with a sniffle or a minor illness, as those things can eventually go away. Whiplash damage may not. [...]

How to Heal After a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash generally occurs after such things as a sports injury, a fall, a car accident, or another trauma that occurs to the head and neck. Most people will tell you to put ice on the area that hurts. That is great advice! Icing the area will help to reduce swelling and will help you feel [...]