Nervous system

Helping Cervical Myelopathy in Birmingham, MI

                Cervical myelopathy is simply, a problem with the spinal cord in the area of the cervical vertebrae. Myelopathies can be the result of many various problems such as traumas and disc bulges, tumors and even certain diseases. There are many things that can cause myelopathy but often they are caused by the spinal cord [...]

Chiropractic, quality of life, and overall health in Birmingham, MI

Chiropractors are trained and taught to work with conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system; That is, nerves, muscles, bones and their relationship to each other and the body as a whole. This profession tends to stand out to the average person as the “back-crackers” of the health community. The reality is, however, that the effects of [...]