Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Extreme tiredness, Dizzy, Dizziness, Weak, Fog, SclerosisMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a disabling condition that seems to be able to strike just about anyone at any time. A shocking 400,000 people in America have this condition, with one new person being diagnosed every hour. Even more staggering is the amount of money spent in medical costs for MS. This number comes in at $10 billion! This is not including additional personal costs for such things as medical equipment, personal care assistants, inability to keep a full-time job, and changes that must be made to one’s home to help them cope with the condition.

Some Answers About Multiple Sclerosis

Research is constantly being done in order to find more definitive answers to help those suffering from MS. As more information comes to light, the general consensus seems to be that MS may very likely be due to an injury to the head or neck. In fact, Dr. Erin Elster conducting an interesting study of 44 people who were suffering from MS. She used a variety of testing methods to determine that there was actually a misalignment found in the neck region of each patient. After receiving specific adjustments to the upper cervical spine, 40 of these noticed marked improvement and no further progression of the disease during the course of care.

Help for MS Patients in Birmingham, Michigan

Numerous events can trigger the symptoms of MS to arise. This often depends on how the function of the nervous system is affected. This can be caused by undue pressure being placed on the brainstem because of a misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae. This hinders the function of the nervous system as well as communication and blood flow to and from the brain and body.

At Dynamic Life Chiropractic, we use the Blair technique of upper cervical chiropractic. We do not pop the neck or spine but encourage the bones to move back into place naturally. Once this is done, many MS patients notice a decrease in symptoms, or at least a halting of disease progression, and an increase in overall health.
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