Whiplash, Neck Injury, Neck Pain, Head Trauma, Headache, MigraineRecent study of the spine and how whiplash affects it has been ongoing. Findings are leading to updated information and allow physicians to be better equipped to handle whiplash cases more effectively. Much of this new information has only been uncovered over the past 25 years. We feel that what has been discovered may help you to understand better the pain you may have in your back or neck or both.

What Research Shows

  • Size does matter. A person’s stature can be a factor in the type of injury they sustain in an accident. A person of a larger stature, in a crash, will have rearward bending whereas a smaller individual will experience an increased head linear acceleration.
  • The upper cervical spine can sustain an injury and result in chronic pain. Forty-five percent of those suffering from this condition can trace their ailments back to a motor vehicle accident.
  • Millions in the United States have spinal injuries due to motor vehicle accidents. Of the 3,000,000 in this category, half experience what is known as permanent residua. Half a million will be partially or completely disabled.
  • $43 billion – the amount of dollars lost annually due to lost wages, medical expenses, and legal expenses.

Upper Cervical Pain

As mentioned above, there is a considerable chance that if you experience pain in your neck/ upper spinal region, it may be the result of a car accident. For over half of those battling with whiplash, their injury may have resulted from a less traumatic experience. A sport related injury or fall is enough to cause whiplash, so a motor vehicle accident may not be to blame in this instance. Either scenario, however, can stem from a misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae.

Seeing an upper cervical chiropractor can help a great deal. Here Dynamic Life Chiropractic in Birmingham, Michigan, we specialize in evaluating and precisely correcting these misalignments whether from whiplash or sustained injury from vehicle accidents. Pain numbness and tingling can be successfully resolved when the supporting structures in your neck allow nerves and vascular networks to heal and regain function.


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