back pain, back ache, sciatica, stretchingEveryone who suffers from sciatic has one thing in common—they want the pain to stop! It is important to look at the root of what is causing the pain. This can be done by seeking out a professional who has had success in helping patients with this same problem. Seeing an upper cervical chiropractor is the first step that should be taken. We have had specific training that will help us to see if a misalignment in the upper neck is actually the cause of the lower back pain. As strange as that may sound, it is often the case.

Often, the top two vertebrae of the neck become misaligned and need to be adjusted. We will only adjust them if necessary. This realignment will allow your body to begin healing. We may also recommend that you do some stretching exercises at home. The exercises will loosen the muscles that surround the sciatic nerve, lubricate the joint, and allow nutrients and oxygen to get to the muscles to encourage healing. This will also increase the range of motion.

The exercises listed below may be some that we recommended. Keep in mind that it is important that our patients check with us before beginning these to avoid further injury. We have several others that may be suggested instead. These should be done once a day, repeating each one three times and holding for a count of 30. Never force your body. Use gentle strength.

Stretches for Sciatica

  • Lie flat with the knees bent. Cross the affected leg over the other leg at the knee. Place your hands (or a towel, if needed) behind the unaffected knee. Pull toward the shoulder until the stretch is felt.
  • Lie flat, keeping legs straight. Using the affected side, place that hand on the knee and pull towards the chest. Grasp the ankle with the other hand and leading with it, pull toward the opposite shoulder.
  • Lie flat placing the injured leg over the knee of the other leg, so the foot is flat on the floor. Pull the knee straight towards you with your hands.




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