Migraine Headaches, Migraine, Migraines, Migraine relief, Headaches, headache, head pain, headache reliefThere are a number of conditions that can cause a person to experience a migraine. Allergies, environmental factors, and even weather conditions can bring on a migraine in some people. Another major reason for migraines is due to an injury sustained to the upper neck or a blow to the head. Some common ways this might occur are:

  • Sports related injuries: particularly from boxing, rugby, or football
  • Physical altercations: such as being hit, spousal abuse, or shaken baby syndrome
  • Falling: including falling down stairs or tripping and falling
  • Any kind of vehicle accident or incident where sudden jarring is involved

Any type of accident that causes the muscles of the neck to overextend can cause the top bones of the vertebrae to misalign. While this may not lead to migraines immediately, it sets up the situation for them to happen in the future. They may not happen for years to come, but without properly caring for the misalignment a number of health problems can ensue down the road.

How Whiplash Can Cause Migraines

Whiplash can happen at speeds as low as 5 mph. At that speed, a person running and colliding with another person can cause whiplash. Hitting a person with a fist to the face can cause whiplash. A car crash, a sports-related incident, or other similar injuries can all cause whiplash leading to upper cervical misalignments. And a result of this is migraine headaches.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

If upper neck vertebrae are out of alignment by as little as ¼ of a millimeter, your body and brain may not be able to communicate at their optimum. This is due to the fact that the misaligned bones put pressure on the brainstem hindering the flow of information to and from the brain boutique. Blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid flow, and nervous system function are at risk. By correcting this misalignment many have seen improvement in, not only their migraines, but their overall health.



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