Back Pain, Back Ache, Back Surgery

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” This is true of a healthy, pain-free back. When that is replaced with back pain, a person really misses good back health. When every move made causes pain, one becomes desperate to find relief. The muscles, joints, and bones of the back are one of the most important areas of the body. If they become misaligned, weakened, or injured, back pain is the result.

People turn to back surgery as an option to alleviate the pain usually after having tried all other treatments known to them. No one wants back surgery unless absolutely necessary. However, the sad reality is that back surgery often does not work.

A study was conducted on 1,450 people in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation database with a diagnosis of radiculopathy (a nerve condition that causes weakness and tingling in the limbs), disc herniation, or disc degeneration. They had comparable diagnoses and degrees of back pain. Fifty percent of these people opted for back surgery, but the others did not.

After 2-years’ time, a re-evaluation was performed. It was shown that only 26% were able to go back to work out of those who opted for surgery. In the group that did not choose surgery, 67% of them were still able to work. Even more astounding is the fact that, of those that had surgery, there was a 41% increase in the use of painkillers. These people were suffering from failed back surgery syndrome in which a person suffers from more pain and problems after having surgery. Risks of back surgery include:

  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Blood loss or clotting
  • Infection
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Heart attack
  • Recuring disc herniation
  • Nerve damage
  • Pain

A Natural Alternative to Back Surgery That Works

At Dynamic Life Chiropractic, we have treated a number of patients with back pain successfully. We focus on getting the spine back in alignment and getting rid of problems that interrupt nerve signals. The body can then begin to heal naturally without drugs or surgery. We do not pop or twist the spine, but rather use a gentle, effective treatment in an attempt to bring our patients long-lasting relief from back pain.
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